Christ’s Method Alone

With Dr. Philip G. Samaan

     Sabbath, February 7, 2015, Beginning at 9:00 am

 EXPERIENCE the dynamics of Christlikeness. 
EXPLORE the dynamics of being people-focused and task-focused.
EXAMINE the six successful steps of Christ’s way of relational witnessing.
EMULATE Christ’s way in the home, church, and community as a way of life.

9:00 am: Christ's Method: Top Priority
11:00 am: The Power of Prayer and Witness 
12:00 pm: Fellowship Meal
1:30 pm: Harp Mini Concert with Sherilyn Samaan
2:00 pm: How Christ's Method Impacts Family and Church
3:00 pm: Christ's Method and Our Spheres of Influence 
4:00 pm: Practicing the Method: Exciting Experiences
5:00 pm: Dr. Samaan's Exciting Testimony Followed by Q and A

Dr. Philip Samaan is a theology professor at Southern Adventist University.  Prior to this he served as chief editor of the Adult Sabbath School Lessons at the General Conference, and as a professor both in the Theological Seminary at Andrews University. 

Elder Samaan has also served as director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department of the Africa-Indian Ocean Division, and director of Youth Outreach and Campus Ministries of the North Pacific Union.  He pastored and was ordained to the Gospel ministry in the Idaho Conference.

Among his published works are the books Blood Brothers, Portraits of the Messiah, Christ’s Way to Pray, Christ’s Way of Reaching People, Christ’s Way to Spiritual Growth, Christ’s Way of Making Disciples, Christ’s Way to Restoration, and Christ’s Way of Affirmation, Christ’s Method Alone, Abraham’s Other Son, and Dare to Be a Daniel.


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